Why Aluminium Bifold Doors are a Good Choice

Aluminium Bifold Doors 2
Aluminium Bifold Doors 2

Aluminium bifold doorsare massively growing in popularity day by day. Whether you are looking for a new door for your interiors or exteriors, these doors can prove to be a wonderful choice over other types of doors. But ultimately, you must figure out what their benefits are and whether they are right for your needs and preferences or not. Aluminium door frames are durable, sleek and require very little maintenance. They are ideal choices for both residential as well as commercial premises. As far as strength, longevity and aesthetics are concerned, these doors have always stood the test of time. Let’s find out why these doors are a good choice for all.

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  • They Look Good: Door frames of aluminium are usually slimmer compared to UPVC or timber frames. Due to this property, bigger glass panes can be installed so that more light comes in and you get a wider view of the outside. Even if only a slim profile of aluminium is used, it is strong and secured, and looks modern and contemporary. That is why aluminium bifold doors are great additions to contemporary style homes that have wider use of glass and lesser use of metal.

  • They Are Durable: With a durable and sturdy body, aluminium is one such metal that never peels, rusts or discolours if powder coated. Aluminium can also be coated with colour to give a timber effect. Such a finish looks natural, and you get to enjoy the beauty of timber without the associated maintenance requirements. Aluminium does not allow rust or warp, and you do not need to paint it either. With incredibly low maintenance, it makes a perfect material for making door frames of your choice. An occasional application of some oil is enough to keep all the tracks, locks and latches working smoothly. The advanced polyamide technology has increased the thermal resistance and strength of aluminium even more. Due to this, aluminium bifold doors are even more non-corroding and non-porous than ever before. An aluminium door can look good, and at the same time retain its longevity for several years to come.

  • They Are Safe: Aluminium door frames are very strong, because of which they can withhold bigger glass panes as compared to the frames. Doing this does not even compromise on the safety and strength of the doors in any way. This means that even if you are installing such a door in a conservatory, you can install these doors on all the three walls without any worry about safety. The fixings, handles, hinges and locks provide even more security to the attaching points.

  • They Are Environment Friendly: Aluminium bifold doors are even recyclable, due to which they are safe for the environment. A large percentage of aluminium produced in the industry is recycled, and most of it finds usage in the manufacturing industry. Recycling of aluminium requires very less amount of energy as compared to producing it out of raw materials.

  • These Can Be Custom Made: Aluminium door frames can be easily customised to match your choice of size, finish and colour. There can be as many as six door leaves, with inward or outward openings, and with sash widths of their own. Instead of going for a brush aluminium finish, now these can be customised in many different colours, including the highly popular wood grain look.

  • They Add Value To Your Property: In case of planning to resell your house in future, installation of aluminium bifold doors can increase the value of your property. Since they are good looking, durable and resistant, they are sure to make your property stand out in the real estate market as well.

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Aluminium bifold doors are available in a wide range of sizes, finishes, colours and textures. You can choose the one that best suits your purpose, and that comes well within your budget.

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