Why Food Quality Is So Important to Your Health?

katie smith uqs d cq unsplash
katie smith uqs d cq unsplash

The quality of the food we eat is has a big impact on the quality of our day-to-day life. Eating only unprocessed food, free of chemical additives and rich in nutrients is of the essence if you want to feel and look good. Food quality should always come before food quantity because what you eat counts much more than how much you eat. Having only healthy quality food comes with an array of benefits, and here are some of the reasons you should avoid processed foods and turn to healthy food choices.

Keeps your weight balanced

Are you trying to watch your weight? If you’ve been putting a lot of effort into losing weight but still can’t see the desired results, you should think about the types of food you eat. Instead of having a handful of processed foods, you can allow yourself a plate full of vegetables, fruits, or a variety of beans. Those are low in calories and will be a much healthier choice for you. 

Plant-based foods help maintain a healthy weight and won’t make you feel hungry between meals. Forget about monitoring your calorie intake. All you need to do is enrich y our diet with lean meat, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes and get rid of all the processed food stocks. 

High in fibre

Choosing food high in quality will offer you more fibre which will in return offer an array of benefits such as boosting digestive function, metabolic health, and feelings of fullness. Foods like avocados, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and blackberries contain high levels of fibre. Make those foods a regular part of your diet to supplement your body with enough fibre and other nutrients. With lentils, beans, chickpeas, parsnips, and potatoes, your diet will be filled with fibres, and your health will be better than ever.

Prevents overeating

Have you noticed how empty calories are always so morish? A bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream will never leave you satiated but always make you crave more. The more you eat, the more your stomach will ask for, which will eventually lead to overeating. That’s why choosing quality over quantity is of the essence. 

If you choose organic, healthy food such as Naked Foods, you will get all the necessary nutrients in your foods without ever risking overeating. Quality food isn’t packed with the sugars and flavourings that processed foods contain in abundance. That’s why you’ll never have to worry about overeating and gaining weight when you choose quality over quantity. 

Helps with blood sugar levels

If you have a family history of high blood sugar, you’ll be happy to know that you can keep it under control. All you need to do is choose quality food instead of processed junk. Unprocessed animal foods, for instance, may help reduce blood sugar levels in people who are at high risk of diabetes. Combine fresh meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and nuts for optimal health results. Managing blood glucose levels will be much easier if you choose quality over quantity. 

Improves gut health

The bacteria that live in your digestive tract will also be thankful if you choose food quality over quantity. Namely, with healthy food choices come a healthy gut. You won’t have to worry about slow bowel movement or constipation because healthy, freshly cooked food will leave nothing but positive effects on your digestive system. Real foods function as prebiotics, thus preventing you from feeling bloated. Garlic, asparagus, and cocoa are just some of the probiotic examples that will benefit your health in the long run. 

Protects your heart

Foods low in quality can be detrimental to your heart. With high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels, a heart problem can become inevitable. That’s why choosing quality food is vital. To make sure you lower the risk of heart disease, enrich your diet with quality foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Add fat-free or low-fat dairy products, including fish, poultry, beans, nuts, and vegetable oils will offer added benefits. Instead of sugary sodas, opt for fresh fruit juices, water and green tea. 

Final thoughts

If you want to protect your health from various disease, you’ll put quality over quantity every time you prepare a meal. Sticking to healthy, unprocessed foods should become a lifestyle that you’ll be happy to lead. Not only will you protect your well-being but also set a good example for your friends and children. It’s okay to give yourself a break from time to time and have a cheat day, but try to resist the temptations and look after yourself with healthy food choices.

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