Opting for a pre-design home has many benefits, such as affordability as well as the ability to visit display homes to get a clear idea of what you may be buying. If you are opting for a pre-design instead of a custom build, then visiting various display homes is definitely a very important part of your home buying process.

What is a display home? A display home is a home that home builders build to give potential buyers a real-life experience of certain home plans and designs. While not all home builders offer this service, here at Kurmond Complete, we are firm believers in the advantages that display homes offer.

As experts in double and single storey house design, Kurmond Complete offers you accessibility to various display homes. We are very well-versed in the wonderful benefits that visiting display homes has for those looking to buy their dream home. Benefits include:

Get a Feel for the Size

When looking at pre-designed homes, it is all good and well to read the dimensions and try and imagine them for yourself based on the dimensions of your current or past living spaces, but you only get a true feel for the space and dimensions of a home when visiting display homes. You’ll instantly be able to tell if a home is too big or too small for your lifestyle needs, and it makes deciding on the size of your new home so much easier!

See Display Home Plans in Real Life 

Yes, 3D and virtual experiences have become quite popular, but there is nothing quite like seeing a potential home in real life. It is truly a step above. Walking through a display home, you’ll be able to imagine you and your family living in such a home, and it will give a very good idea as to whether the home plans you’ve had your eye on would be something that could work for you and your family.

See House Inclusions For Yourself 

When choosing homes from pre-designed plans, you may have various options available to you in terms of home inclusions. These home inclusions are usually things like toilets, handles, finishes, countertops etc. They are either included in the price, or you need to pay an additional amount for certain items. Seeing these home inclusions in a real home setting may give you a better idea of which home inclusions you want.

why visiting display homes is such an important step of home buying process

Get a Feel For What You Don’t Like

When you walk into a display home, there are bound to be things you don’t like. Some of these elements that you dislike may have been things that looked great in photographs. Remember that even though you are purchasing a pre-designed home, there are certain customisations available to you and visiting a display home will give you a good idea as to what you do and don’t like.

Understand Which Homes Are in Your Budget

Your budget may seem like just a number, but it is important for you to have a realistic idea of the type of home your budget can get you, and visiting display homes is a great way to help you understand your budget. 

Help You Decide Between Double Storey and Single Storey 

If you have always envisioned yourself owning a double storey home but have only ever lived in a single storey, it may be a good idea to visit both single storey and double storey display homes. This will give you a good idea of the pros and cons that each has to offer you and whether a multi-storey home could truly fit in with your lifestyle or not.

Help You and Your Partner Come to Agreements

If you and your partner are battling to come to agreements when choosing from pre-designed plans, visiting display homes together can be a fun and exciting way to come to agreements.

At Kurmond Complete, we have a wide range of both single storey and double storey display homes for you to visit to help make your decision easier. We are experts when it comes to double and single storey house design and would love to be part of your home buying experience! Contact us today on 1300 764 761.

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