Yeast technology can power cheaper and more sustainable biofuels for aviation industry, says Australian expert

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Microbiogen, North Ryde. Photo by Damian Shaw

Australian industrial biotechnology and yeast innovation technology solutions leader MicroBioGen will showcase the opportunities for producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) using yeast, at the upcoming North American SAF Conference & Expo in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Joining a panel on the potential for ethanol as a precursor to SAF production, MicroBioGen’s Head of Communications An Grobler will outline how MicroBioGen-developed yeast technology can significantly improve the sustainability, efficiency and economics of producing ethanol as a feedstock for SAF.

Taking place on August 29th and 30th, 2023 the North American SAF Conference & Expo, produced by SAF Magazine, in collaboration with the US Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI), will showcase the latest strategies for aviation fuel decarbonisation, solutions for key industry challenges, and highlight the current opportunities for airlines, corporations and fuel producers.

The most viable method currently available to produce SAF is “ethanol to jet”. MicroBioGen has developed advanced fermentation technology that significantly improves the conversion of biomass waste to ethanol and feed, balancing the world’s energy needs with sustainable food production.

“MicroBioGen has developed yeast that can make more from less, and the integration of our technology into ethanol plants will result in more efficient ethanol production. Additionally, by improving the conversion of biomass sugars to ethanol we can reduce waste, convert side streams into food or feed and potentially make a positive contribution to the global food supply and the reduction of carbon emissions.

“With these benefits, and as we grapple with global population growth and climate change concerns, we believe MicroBioGen’s technological solution balances the world’s energy needs with sustainable food production and provides a realistic and achievable future for SAF,” said An Grobler.

MicroBioGen develops elite yeast strains through its world leading ‘yeast innovation as a service’ by leveraging breeding and genetics to enhance or add new characteristics to make yeast more efficient, productive, and resilient. It has the ability to transform economics and sustainability in diverse industries, from fuel and animal feed to baking and pharmaceuticals, with a 20+ year track-record in R&D and innovation. Its technology and applications address critical needs in food, fuel, and waste removal, with its biotechnology creating significant opportunities to decarbonise food and fuel production.

MicroBioGen partnered with Denmark headquartered Novozymes to co-develop its Innova series of ethanol yeasts, which are the leading biocatalysts used for ethanol production in the United States. North America is the largest bioethanol market in the world.

MicroBioGen’s Macquarie Park lab facility was opened by the Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Senator the Hon Jenny McAllister, Member for Bennelong Mr Jerome Laxale with CEO Geoff Bell and Dr Paul Attfield, Co-founder and Principal Scientist, Sydney NSW. Photo by Damian Shaw

About MicroBioGen

MicroBioGen is an Australian based biotechnology company with global success in improving the industrial capabilities of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This yeast is the world’s most widely used microorganism, underpinning around US$2 trillion in products, from biofuels and pharmaceuticals to mycoproteins for food and feed.

With a proprietary platform technology and library of elite yeast genetics, developed over 20 years, MicroBioGen delivers ‘yeast innovation as a service’ to industry leaders globally.

Demonstrated through MicroBioGen’s biofuels partnership with Novozymes and co-developing the Innova yeast series which delivers unparalleled industrial performance, MicroBioGen is the collaborator of choice for yeast biotechnology, with opportunities in existing and emerging industries, ranging from optimizing yeast for baking, sustainable feed and energy to food applications. For more information, visit

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