Law is a vast field which is why you have different lawyers who specialise in different fields. You have your family lawyers who specialise in divorce and parenting orders and such and you have criminal law firms Melbourne who are there to help defend clients against criminal accusations. You do not hire an expert in will drawing and property settlements for help with a criminal charge against you. Even within criminal law, there are more branches because there are so many areas that fall under criminal law.

Cases that fall under criminal law

In Australia, criminal law covers all aspects of criminal justice and crime such as crime prevention, criminology, law enforcement, victims of crime, police, corrections, criminal law and juvenile justice. Any violation of a law is a crime, the more serious being ones where damage occurs to other people, physically or other. Theft, drug trafficking, damaging physical property, assault, homicide are examples. When you are looking at and comparing criminal law firms Melbourne CBD, make sure that as well as being criminal lawyers they also have experience with your particular area of the law. Being able to choose the right lawyer to represent you is a key part of how your case will go.

Do some research as soon as you can

The building of a case takes time. The longer you can give your lawyer to work on your case the better. Do your research early and find a lawyer you are happy with so you have someone in your court early on. Preparing a good defence takes time, finances, skill and energy. It is a traumatic time for you especially if this was unexpected. Having a professional lawyer there to support you and answer legal questions is a big thing. They are not emotionally involved, they are objective and with experience will have dealt with similar cases in the past so can help you with the best direction to take.

Safeguarding your reputation

The issue of facing a criminal charge is that not only are you facing personal consequences you also have your reputation on the line professionally too. This could impact your business or future professional efforts. The best criminal law firms Melbourne has can offer help with this. It is rare for charges to be completely dropped but it does happen. It depends from one case to another. But with a good defence lawyer, such things can be better protected than without one.


When you are looking for criminal law firms Melbourne CBD a great option today is the internet. You can do a search local to where you are and find a list of options close by. From there you can explore their websites, look into how many years they have been practicing, what specific areas of criminal law they have expertise in, what they charge and how previous clients feel about their experience. Then you can use that information to narrow down the potentials until you have 2 or 3 that you talk to and perhaps have a free consultation with before you make your final pick.

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