When it comes to buying gifts for family and friends some people are just easy to buy for and some really are not! When you have a friend who is into all things to do with gardening you know they will love a galvanised watering can, but for others that might be a completely odd gift! The trick as you see above is to know what they like, hobbies, interests, activities, music, and so on. You need to aim your gift in the what would they want or need, not something you see and would want.  Here are some gift ideas that are geared towards thinking more carefully about the other person.

Your personal tastes are beside the point!

Even if you think rap music is awful or have no interest in skincare if a waxed canvas toiletry bag is something they would use and appreciate, or tickets to a concert of a rapper you know they like, that is what matters. There are three key areas to direct yourself when gift buying that usually will not lead you wrong, their personality, their hobbies and interests and their taste in music.

Personality type

You might be an introvert who prefers not to stand out but what about the person you are buying for? If they enjoy travelling that waxed canvas toiletry bag could be very useful. If they like to entertain how about some different board games for the next time they host? If they are more a homebody what about some books in the genres they enjoy, or if you do not know what they read just that they like reading how about a reading device, reading light, or a lovely comfy throw to snuggle under when they have a good book.

Interests and hobbies

What interests or hobbies do they have? Is there a sport they like to watch or play? Do they collect something, or garden, or cook? A galvanised watering can, a decent set of knives, a sports bag with a team logo on it are all possible good gifts. There are some great experiences as gifts too. Dinner at a new restaurant, cooking lessons, tickets to the next sporting event, or to go see some local tourist gardens.

Musical preference

Most people like to listen to music so start paying attention to what they seem to like when different songs come on the radio or talk about the music you enjoy and ask them about what motivates them or excites them. Nowadays a lot of people get their music digitally but you can buy suitable gift cards, or consider show tickets, or find fun gifts that are linked to music and artists they like.


When you do not want to head out to multiple shops you could find a great online site to order all your gifts from. There are some reputable options that offer great prices, interesting gifts ideas and deliver to your recipients or to you, and then you can wrap and send them on yourself if you prefer.

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