Know the right difference between a spill deck and a drum spill pallet!


If you do not belong from the industry that makes safety gear and equipment, you might also be unknown to this difference. Sometimes the industry uses different terms for similar-looking products. This creates confusion. We start wondering what wrong had we done in the past life. But we understand you. Thus, we are writing this article to help you down this technical lane. This time it is about the difference between a drum spill pallet and a spill deck. If you want to get an idea through an image, this company has both – Otherwise, here is a brief at depth about the difference between a pallet and a deck.

Difference between a drum spill pallet and spill deck!

The main difference between these two is the size.

  • A drum spill pallet usually has a higher size as compared to the spill deck. Because they are higher in size, they have a better container capacity. For example, a one drum spill pallet might be able to contain around 200-250 liters of liquid. The spill pallets that are around today usually come with a height of 12-14 inches. This size is good when you do not need to move the pallet frequently as this can lead to wear and tear. Furthermore, transporting these big size pallets can be a real trouble. When putting drums over them, these drums can knock off the corners due to their higher size. These do not come functional when it comes to moving them around frequently. But this issue could easily be warded off using quality spill pallets like these – .
  • A spill deck on the other side is comparatively lower in size and comes handy when transferring chemical drums over them. They are easy to carry using a pallet or deck jack. But the capacity they offer could be an issue. For example, a spill deck for one drum usually holds around 100 liters of liquid. They generally have a size of around 6 inches.

Spill pallets and decks come in different materials. For example, they do come in IBC, Steel, Stainless Steel, etc. You have to check for the type of liquid you have to store and then choose the correct material accordingly. If the liquid is flammable, you’d never want to use a plastic-made spill pallet. These pallets work best for acids or other aggressive substances. If you store flammable material in a plastic-made drum spill pallet then you’ll increase the chance of tragedy. Once the flammable material catches fire, it will soon take that plastic IBC as fuel and the fire will grow alone.

Some spill pallets also come as cabinets. They work best for saving the material from UVs if stored outside.

This is the only difference that is there between pallets and decks. If you are planning to choose a spill pallet or spill deck then make sure that the products have been approved by the appropriate authority. They must comply with all the relevant Australian standards like these pallets – . The safety of people and the environment must always be prioritized over the cost. The wise and the visionary alone knows how these little costs save the bigger costs in the long term.

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