Final Week before Easter, plus bonus yoga till Thursday 29 March!

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Home-Owner Alert: Does your Home or Business meet Energy Efficiency guidelines? If you cannot afford upgrades, then your Home may be Confiscated under proposed New Local Government Powers! See attached submission, &
This issue is controversial. Please spend a moment to review information below.
Yet, who are the True environmental vandals? See Cinema This Satday below!
24 March Cinema: OverCast, Climate Engineering, a Crime of Global proportion? 
    • OVERCAST is a groundbreaking documentary about a phenomenon that most of us would consider normal: Jet contrails that spread into clouds, covering the sky and blocking the sun. For some people however, these trails are the biggest environmental crime in the history of mankind. OVERCAST brings to light an issue mostly ignored so far.

Gary Renard on Weather extremes (Course in Miracles derived)

You won’t have earth changes but you WILL have more violent weather & greater extremes in temperatures, both hot & cold. People think you’re getting global warming because of all the pollution you put into the atmosphere & that’s true, but you’ll also get colder extremes as well. Fooling with the atmosphere causes both. If the science isn’t conclusive, then why should corporations do anything they aren’t forced to? So what if more & more of your children get asthma & acid rain kills all the lakes?

As we’ve said, controversial. Do we resolve issues with attributes of Love, Compassion, Trust, Faith, Grace & Gratitude, or do we require Political, Economic, Technological, Religious, Educational, or Military means of Judgement & Condemnation? Precisely what our Study Group forum Sat’days 4-6pm focuses on, see pamphlet below.
Easter Holidays & Term 2 News:
1. Term 1 ends Thursday 29 March 2018 7pm (no 10am class!), make up any missed classes before then.
2School Holiday Classes Nicky requires BOOKINGs to go ahead, please give her your support!  Thursdays 7pm: 5th & 12th April $20 casual, or pre-pay both @ just $15 per classCall to book Nicky on 0488 333 139.
3. Deposits for Term 2 2018 Welcome Now! 11 weeks Monday 16 April to Sat’day 30 June 2018.

$20 Discount if deposit paid this term!
    $30      New Start Super Special 14 Days Unlimited.
    $22      Casual.
    $100    5-Class Pass, generally expire end of Term.
    $200    One Class per Week, $20 casual for extra classes.
    $300    Two Classes per Week, Great Value!
    $350    UNLIMITED, all 7 Classes per Week.
    $560    6 Months UNLIMITED value special.
    $1000    One Year UNLIMITED value special (just $8/class 3 times per week).
4YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 50 Hours Per Term, so VERY achievable. Total 200 hours over one year. Teaching (long term) is optional, can be used for personal development & practice only. Please ask for Prospectus, or see . 
5Books of Higher Consciousness @ Magpie House includes Autobiography of a Yogi, a Must Book for All YogisPick up copies Now before the holiday season, Great Reading & presents, highest titles of this Age. Also showing the Yoga Teacher Training Booklist at .
“Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.” by Jim Rohn