How to host the best Australian BBQ in 2020

best bbq
best bbq

There’s nothing better than a good barbeque with your friends or family on a hot summers day. The world of family barbeques has changed slightly over the years, but fundamentally it has remained the same. Here’s a list of new and old classic things that can really make a barbeque great.

The Barbecue

The absolute centrepiece of any Australian BBQ is the barbecue itself. There have been a lot of great developments in the efficiency and safety of barbecues in recent years. If you are still using something you’ve had for decades with a rusty grill, it might be time for an upgrade.

Outdoor seating

Get yourself lots of comfortable seating so that everyone can sit down. If there’s plenty of seating it will help keep everyone outside rather than retreating into the house to sit down. A few tables for holding your barbequed food and for eating at also wouldn’t go astray.

Something to keep your drinks cool

Whether it’s a fridge in your garage, an esky or a children’s pool full of ice from the nearest service station, you need your beers and soft drinks to remain ice cold. Don’t forget to make sure someone brings the ice!

Outdoor lawn games

Get everyone together whilst the food is cooking, or after eating for a fun outdoor lawn game if you have space for it. Backyard cricket has been a staple at family barbeques for generations but there are several other options growing in popularity.

Since the 1980s, Kubb has grown in popularity in Australia. It is a lawn game that involves throwing wooden batons at other wooden blocks. It is both strategic and fun and is also known as “Viking Chess”. This game is great from 2-12 players in two teams.

Lawn bowls and Bocce are growing in popularity with younger people. These games involve rolling balls with accuracy towards other balls. This is best played on short grass, so don’t forget to mow.

If you don’t have much space or have to play on a deck, quoits can be a fun option. This is a classic game that involves throwing hoops onto sticks. It’s very simple so it will be child-friendly and will also be suitable after a few drinks.

Water Games

There’s a lot of great water-based games that you can enjoy in your yard. These are especially great for children. Just make sure they are supervised

Slip N’ Slide – A slip N’ slide is a long piece of plastic that functions similarly to a waterslide. It works by depositing water onto the slide which allows you to accelerate down the plastic. Just be careful not to hurt yourself.

Swimming – A pool is a great way to cool down on a hot day. If you do not have a pool you can always add a smaller temporary above ground pool quite cheaply.

Water Fight – Water balloons and water pistols are great fun. Just be sure not to spray water on any of the food.

The Food

Always try and supply enough food for everyone. Basics like sausages, bread, burger patties, rissoles, steaks, bacon, salads, sliced onions and sauces are all essential. Some popular lesser-known barbeque treats that are popular in some circles include sliced dim sims (cut lengthways), sweet potato slices, corn cobs, chicken wings, pineapple slices, potatoes wrapped in foil and more. Get creative with what you serve and people will know your future barbeques are ones that are not to be missed.

Sun Protection

Ensure there is some sort of shade for people outside, if you do not have a pergola or alfresco, you can always set up some temporary shade. Don’t forget to include sunscreen for everyone. You should also encourage your kids to be sun smart with hats and sunglasses.

With all that in mind, you should be able to host a truly great Australian barbeque. Don’t forget to bring out a radio or wireless speaker so you can blast some classic Aussie tunes for everyone to enjoy.

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