Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment Space


Many homes in Australia are blessed with large outdoor spaces either in front or behind in the backyard. These spaces are perfect for entertaining, which is why homes with either a ready-made outdoor area, or at least the potential to build one, are in high demand. What many people find is something that right now is merely “adequate” but they want to hatch plans to make it into a really standout space.

Below we have several ideas on how to enhance your outdoor entertainment space and really get the most out of it!

1. Invest in Outdoor Heaters

First order of business is to shop deluxe outdoor heating lamps in Melbourne so that you can carry on your parties and gatherings into the evening when things cool down. Autumn and winter evenings can get cool down here in Victoria, so adding the heater will make the space usable all year round. That’s also a good idea if you’ve invested a sum in building the entertainment space and what to get the most-possible value out of it throughout the year.

These heaters can also help you to expand a house party space if you’re entertaining in winter and need more space for guests who might want to smoke, or just escape for a few moments from the crowds inside.

2. Improve the Lighting

Outdoor lighting will also help you to make a backyard entertainment space usable for more of the day. Having heat in the colder months is one thing, but you need light, too, for when the sun goes down. One of the best-value ideas is to invest in solar lighting that you can install strategically around the place — even planted in the soil — without worrying about adding in further wiring. The solar panels collect energy and then at night you can just activate the lights, and even move them around if you need to.

3. Invest in the Best-Possible Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture, you can’t go too cheap if you want to create a really great space. While high-quality furniture may seem expensive, it will stand the test of time, and the materials will look better, feel better to sit on, and be usable even until many years later when you’re moving it all to a new, bigger house!

Among the furniture, remember to include both lounging and dining items. Sun loungers are great when you’re having a chilled cocktail hour on a hot afternoon, but when you want to have a family dinner you still need a table and seating. Consider real wood or even stone tables for the most stunning effect.

4. Make Room for a Barbecue Station

No Australian home outdoor entertainment space would be complete without a proper barbecue grille, as well as some built-in food preparation and storage areas, if you can. If it’s possible to install refrigeration, that’s even better, but don’t sweat it. You can always bring things from the main kitchen (see below).

A sturdy and well-made grille allows for the whole party to be outside when you want, and keeps the cooks as part of the party group, and not isolated alone in the kitchen inside!

5. Create Easy Access from the House

Next, you can further enhance the outdoor space if you create easy and wide access from the house to the patio, deck, or whatever you have outside. Wide, open doors make moving things in and out of the house easier, including when you need to bring food and drink from the kitchen, or additional furniture from storage.

There’s one type of access you might want to restrict, however, and that’s access that mosquitoes and other pest bugs have to your space. Plant bug-deterring plants, flowers around the place to help with that!

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/teak-teak-patio-furniture-172642/

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