More South Yarra locals Millennials turning to dance for their exercise and wellbeing fix

HD Entertainment Partner Class 6 no logo scaled
HD Entertainment Partner Class 6 no logo scaled

Local Yinan Liang, 30, started learning to dance in 2020 with online classes during lockdown and now participates in group Salsa and Tango group classes.

I start my first Salsa class with HD when Covid lock down just started. I was bored with at home workout and wanted try new actives I can do at home. I was instantly hooked by how much fun it was. Despite of it being an online class, Hooman managed to keep the class very engaging. Since then, dances classes are my go to forms of exercise and social activities. 

It’s not only a workout, but also a good social platform. I’ve not only met a lot of new friends in class, but also trying to bring my old friends to the class. It helps me stay connected with people in a post covid world. 

I’m a regular gym goer and also takes aerial classes like pole, aerial hoop and aerial silk. Dance classes helps me develop better awareness and finer control of my body. It helps me to prevent injuries at the gym and create better lines in the air. 

37 year old Leah Portlen is addicted to dance lessons.  Every week, Leah participates in 11 group classes and two 1 on 1 sessions per week.

Dancing requires focus and is a chance to let your mind and body be free. For me, it’s a form of meditation listening to your favourite music with the addition of a full body workout without even trying. 

I love that everyone can participate in dance-it’s so diverse. Different cultures, backgrounds, ages and abilities participating in class with a shared passion for dance. 

Dance provides a holistic workout which improves strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility which I’ve found has increased my performance in other sports forms such as athletics and team sports. 

Hooman Ebadi, co-founder of HD Entertainment, is thrilled to see a growing interest from Millennials embrace dance in all its forms.  From Latin, ballroom, tango, salsa and even ballet.

We are finding that these lessons are a great social connector as well as an opportunity to get them out of their comfort zones and try something really creative and energising.

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