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Hair that sees you in the sunlight.

Wigs have been a part of history for a long time and their main purpose is to work on one's appearance. Women were usually worn to cover short hair....

Rings: Things to Consider Before You Get One

Once you are shopping for a gorgeous ring, there are numerous of aspects to consider, and the procedure...

Do you shop for second-hand clothes? You’re likely to be more stylish

Image: Pexels Not only is second-hand shopping good for the planet and your wallet, our new research finds the more style-conscious...

Wearable Art: 4 Ways To Turn Art Into Fashion  

If you're into art, you probably have good taste in fashion. After all, fashion is considered a form...

A Guide on Tips for Styling Your Flat Cap

Fashion trends always change. But when it comes to men’s fashion accessories, it’s the hats that keep up...